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Hotel room
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Our guests
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Play ground
Multiple purpose halls
book shop, handcraft and batik shop

The perfect place for weddings, conferences or your next holiday.

(only 6km from the new Songwe International Airport)

GPS: -8.928625, 33.304161

We are looking forward to your BOOKING: or +255 757 611 371 / +255 768 564 470

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How to get to ICC
The ICC is situated in Ifisi 18 km west of Mbeya on the Trans-African Highway. Just 6 km west of the ICC lies the new Mbeya/Songwe International Airport.
From Mbeya you take the Trans African Highway towards Mbalizi and Tunduma (border town to Zambia). 7 km after Mbalizi the ICC is on your right. If you arrive by bus or train you can take a Dala-Dala (Minibus) or a Taxi from Mbeya to Ifisi via Mbalizi.