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The Bible School is located about 15km away from Mbalizi, nesting beautifully on the sides of Mbeya Peak was opened in 1988. The school is part of a coffee farm in the village of Mshewe. In the first year the church used the school for training evangelists and church teachers. Starting 1994 we run a 2 year course for students from our churches and teach them in different theological subjects. This certificate course is run in Swahili. The students come with their families and live on the premises of the school and are also given some farmland to be able to look after themselves during the time in Mshewe. The wives of the students also take part in some of the classes but attend several other subjects like sewing, gardening, etc.
Once those students return home they often work as church leaders, bible teachers or evangelists.

In October 2013 the school started another programme for the graduates of the certificate course on a diploma level. Those courses are now taught in English. Parallel to the challenging theological classes the students have a chance to go on (and finish) their secondary school education. At the end of the second year the students attend the official state exams of the QT Programme (“Qualifying Test”, the adult education programme in Tanzania).