History of Mbalizi Evangelistic Church

  • 1957: Mbalizi Evangelistic Mission (MEM) was founded in an old soap factory and bakery by Fritz and Myrtha Lehner.
  • 1957 – 1970: Everything was pioneer work. Wherever possible Lehners established vocational training schools. Basic medical work was started as an answer to requests from the local population. Very soon a three year carpentry training was offered. Later, other missionaries were added to the team to help as plumbers and in the medical work.
  • 1970: Markus and Hanni Lehner moved to Mbalizi and Markus soon began with welding and the training of car mechanics. The vocational training school was expanded.
  • 1980: Mbalizi Evangelistic Church (MEC) was founded and registered with the government of Tanzania. All assets were transferred into Tanzanian hands, that is to the church. Markus Lehner was elected chairman.
  • 1980 – today: An evangelism and preaching ministry was started, which has mainly been carried out by Tanzanians. By 2009, about 200 churches were founded. Between 1980 and 2004, when Markus Lehner was re-elected several times, 22 different church and social projects were realized.
  • 2004: Rev. Emmanuel Sanga gets elected as the new chairman.
  • 2008: Rev Sanga gets re-elected as chairman.
  • 2012: Rev Sanga gets elected for the third time as chairman.

Our main goal today is to “serve God and help people”. An important principle of our ministry is to help people to help themselves.